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Crop your images and photos in a bulk.

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Switch on to make cropped images at the exact size you need. Switch off for free crop area transformation.
If you need to crop the same area for all images. This option can be used only for images of the same aspect ratio.
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About Image Cropper

Crop, cut your images and photos online in a bulk. Upload photos, select the area to crop or cut and click the "Crop" button.

Easily create thumbnails, previews for your website or shop, covers for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. To crop/cut images to the exact size, select the "Exact size" mode and enter the size of the image.

No need to select the crop area for each image if you upload photos of the same size or the same aspect ratio. Choose "Same crop area" mode and select the crop area only for the first image.

Need to resize images before cropping? Use our image resizer tool.